NTHK Shinsa 2019

A team of experts from the日本刀剣保存会 (Nihon Token Hozon Kai) of Tokyo, Japan will be lead by Mr. Yoshikawa Eiichi, the son of the late Kentaro Yoshikawa, and like his father, curator of swords for the Japanese Imperial Household Agency, the Shosoin Imperial Repository, the Seikado museum collection and polisher for the Japanese Imperial Household. Swords and fittings will be examined by the team and certificates of authentication issued.

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Over 30 years of experience in Japanese Swords & specializing in art quality sword polishing & restoration.

Studying The Sword

Handling & researching as many swords as possible in hand is the best way of understanding swords, not through books alone.

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Welcome to Nihonto Antiques

The Nihonto Antiques website was started as an educational and informational site on Japanese swords.  This includes Antique Japanese samurai swords, Sword Fittings and other related antiques. Photographing these Japanese swords and antiques involved many hours of work, in addition to designing and presenting these items in our gallery. The Japanese Swords or in Japanese Nihon-to website offers Antique Japanese Swords For Sale including Japanese Samurai Tachi, Katana, Wakazashi, Tanto, and Koshirai/Kodogu. There are also many interesting facts on Japanese Sword Polishing that you may find useful on the site.

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