Daisho Tsuba (fst-562)


Daisho Tsuba of iron with gold and silver inlay in cherry blossom motif.

This daisho tsuba are signed Ito Masatsune.  A very beautiful and high quality set.  They come with an appraisal by Ittosai Yoshimune in the form of hakko gaki/ appraisal done on in their respective boxes.

The boxes Read:
Tetsu-ji kingpin-zogan sakurabana no zu
Shotoku Kyoto jidai ni meijis nite
yoku nihyakusanjunen mae Bushu-ju 
Showa nijusannen
Kyoto Ittosai Yoshimune

Iron with gold and silver inlay
Cherry blossom motif
Renowned master from the eras Shotoku (1711-1716) and

Kyoho (1716-1736), that is he was active about 230 years ago
in Musashi province.
1948, Ittosao Yoshimune

(note; Ittosai Yoshimune was a sword dealer back in the 1930’s and 1940’s who issued his own appraisals. Unfortunately, there is not much information available about him today.)

Katana tsuba measures: (75.9mm tall)  (71.5mm wide) (4.5mm thick)

Wakazashi tsuba measures: (72.8mm tall)  (67.8mm wide) (4.5mm thick)


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