Mihara School Katana (fss-643)




This sword is of the mihara school according to the worksheet and papers. A beautiful katana this sword from the mid muramachi period boasts of classic workmanship. The hada has a dense ko-itame with masame and whitish jigane. The hamon is of sugu-ha mixed with, inazuma,kinsuji and sunagashi which layers the length of the hamon. The sugata of the sword still retains the classic curvature . There appears to be the remnants of 3 mekugiana and appears ubu.

“ The Ko-Mihara school was founded by Masaie during the Kamakura period FROM TOKUJI (1306 TO SHO-CHU 1334 AD. BLADES OF THE EARLY KO-MIHARA SCHOOL ARE FOR THE MOST PART “O-SURIAGE”. THIS IS DUE TO THERE GREAT LENGTH THAT GAVE THE MOUNTED WARRIOR A DISTINCT ADVANTAGE. MASAIE AND MASAMITSU WERE succeeded by, Masahiro during the Nambokucho period. Works by Ko-Mihara have strong Yamato influence, AND OCCASIONALLY BIZEN INFLUENCE. IT IS THOUGHT THAT MASAIE SPENT SOME TIME STUDYING With THE MASTERS OF BIZEN, ON HIS WAY TO BINGO (BINGO PROVINCE IS SYNONYMOUS WITH THE MIHARA SCHOOL). Masaie’s MOST PROLIFIC PERIOD is thought to be THE Kem-mu era (1334). It is very rare to see any works from Masaie or Masahiro, and are only a few that are dated. All of the MAIN LINE MIHARA smiths signed with Masa; (Masakiyo, Masamitsu, Masanobu).  IN ADDITION TO THE MAIN LINE there was THE “HOKKE ICHIJO”, AND SHIMBO MIHARA GROUPS. DURING THE later Nambokucho period several additional mihara groups, SUCH AS ASHIDA, TOMO, KINASHI, SHIMBO HOKKE, AND KAI. these later groups also have  yamato influence. ”

The sword comes mounted in beautiful vintage military koshirae with a brilliant goldwashed habaki. This blade scored a high 76 points at Shinsa. This sword at 25 5/8” reminds one of the Uchikatana that was wielded with one hand.

The mounts are military with a rare red and brown tassel. The saya has the original leather cover to protect it from inclement weather with inscribed leather end bob intact. A rare find. The tsuba is pierced and the menuki are a scarcer version found on high ranking military pieces.

A rare treat for the military fan with an ancestral blade mounted within.

  • Mei: mumei/unsigned
  • Date: muromachi/koto(1400’s)
  • Nagasa: 25 5/8 inches
  • Sori: 13.5 mm
  • Width at the ha-machi: 28.8 mm
  • Width at the yokote: 18.1 mm
  • Thickness at the mune-machi: 5.0 mm
  • Construction: shinogi-zukuri
  • Mune: iori
  • Nakago: suriage
  • Kitae: itame
  • Hamon: suguba
  • Boshi: komaru
  • Condition: good polish
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Mihara school katana – Bunmei Period (1469-1487) Mumei, polished with gold washed habaki, gunto fittings with leather combat cover, family mon on both menuki, – has two sets of papers NBTHK Hozon and NTHK Kanteisho Papers – 76 points. I have $10,000 in this sword

sold for 9k 8.1 to owner

Name: Robin L. Rielly


– koto period

– bingo prefecture

– Mihara school

Address: 20 Chalfont LN, Manchester Township, NJ 08759-7302

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