Italian Rapier (nji-100)

This is a 1700-1800’s era rapier that is in museum quality condition. The motif is Africana and we were told by some in this field that this style is inspired by Shakespeare’s “Othello”. The patina is very good and this item has not been cleaned or touched in any way and is original. The blade is carved and has writing within the engraving that should be researched. This unique find is one of the finest European blades that we have come across and is extremely desirable.
  • Length overall: 45-1/4 “
This sword is on consignment.
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Asking price: $15,500.00

(shipping and insurance included)

Email us if your interested in this item and remember to include the order number for this item: nji-100.
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nji-100(blade full)
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nji-100(blade details)

sold by Randy May’s friend for me for 5k

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