(Mino) Kanekado (fss-698)


This beautiful tachi is over 400 years old and comes in complete tachi mounts. The blade itself is from the koto era and was made by Seki Kanekado of the Mino school of swordsmiths. These smiths were renowned for making high quality very sharp blades. The beauty of this blade is self evident to even a novice collector. The blade has very well carved grooves that go thru the nakago. This type of carving was seen more in early swords than later blades. The overall shape and balance is elegant and still has a very strong look. This sword can be confused with an earlier sword because it is so healthy and sound make it more valuable. Please take a close look at the pictures and you will see how beautiful the workmanship is in the blade. The hamon is exuberant and well balanced. The hataraki/activity is abundant and very well done. The hada is forged very beautifully also. Koto era swords that are well made have very finely forged hada and are beautiful to view in hand. Ji nie is visible also in places and the hada has a wet rich look to it. Many koto swords have been over polished and are showing weakness in the hada and hamon but not this sword. The overall feel of this sword is that of a fine early tachi. The koshirai or mounts are from the later Edo era. More than likely from the 1700’s-1800’s and are all complete. Collectors know that to start with many katana mounts are available but tachi mounts are much more difficult to find and merit a higher value. Also tachi mounts must be all made together. Unlike katan mounts that fittings can be interchanged, tachi fitting are not interchangeable. To find a complete set like this with makes it even more unique. The saya has minor damage from its age but is overall in very good condition. The fittings are all soft metal. A mixture of copper, shakudo and gold gilding has been used to create these excellent mounts. The tsuba comes complete with its seppa and no fittings are missing. The museum quality collectable Tachi comes in mounts and with papers from the NTHK attesting to the maker, age and quality.

  • Mei: Mumei (Mino Kanekado)
  • Date: Tensho 1573-1592 (koto era)
  • Nagasa: 27-3/8 “
  • Sori: 16.5 mm
  • Width at the ha-machi: 30.9 mm
  • Width at the yokote: 20.1 mm
  • Thickness at the mune-machi: 6.2 mm
  • Construction: Shinogi zukuri
  • Mune: Iori
  • Nakago: Suriage
  • Kitae: itame masame mixed
  • Hamon: gunome
  • Boshi: Maru
  • Condition: excellent polish
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Seki Kanekado


Length: 1 shaku 3 sun 1 bu

Kitae: Itame and masame

Hamon: Gunome

Nakago: Suriage

Remarks: Tensho (1573-1592)

This is to confirm i paid 10600 including an additional 100 towards your commission. You may set the asking price. If any questions please let me know.
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