Cloisonné Kozuka (fsk-552)

Shipo or cloisonné fittings are somewhat out of the norm and would be a fine addition to any collection.  This one is in very good condition considering how fragile these fitting are.  They are basically glass on soft metal.  Also this kozuka is accompanied by blade or ko-gatana.  The rabbit is very interestingly interpreted in this fine kozuka.

1634 is the earliest time that pieces of cloisonne have been credited to the Edo Era. Before that time, many pieces were made, but the makers names are unknown, as was customary in those ancient times. The Shosoin treasury in Nara, has a mirror that is dated around 750 AD. There is little doubt that the art of shippo, was known, and used, in Japan in the 8th century. Objects decorated with shippo are numerous: door pulls, nail covers, hibachi (a place for a charcoal fire), coal tongs, wine cups, sword fittings, water droppers for inkstones, furniture handles, and dozens of other things.

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chris balaze

$700 maybe….

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