(Mino) Katana (fss-798)

A beautiful long katana from the late edo era and is in very good condition. The saya is in a textured black lacquer finish. The hada is very active with a swirling mokume and itame. The hamon is active with a gunome midare with much hataraki. Ji-nie covers the blade. Overall this is a very well balanced blade and is a good example of a katana from the samurai era. This blade  should be  submitted to shinsa some day as it would add to its overall value. The handle is original and the silk for the most part is in good condition.

The koshirae is unique and a nice addition to the blade. The kashira is of a mountain scene in iron and soft metal. The fuchi is of a stylized design set in a cartouche. The tsuba is of iron in the sukashi style. There is old Same (rayskin) with a very nice patina wrapped with a black silk Tsuka-ito. There is a black sageo to match. The habaki is copper in a unique mottled finish.

Mei: mumei Date:  1700’s-1800’s
Nagasa:  28 “
Sori: 15.0mm
Width at the ha-machi:  32.3mm
Width at the yokote:  20.7mm
Thickness at the mune-machi:  6.4mm
Construction:  shinogi zukuri
Mune:  iori
Nakago:  ubu
Kitae:  mokume
Hamon:  gunome
Boshi:  maru
Condition:  good polish

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George Morgan purchased from me for 6.5k or so

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