(Soshu) Tsunahiro (fss-607)

This Hira zukiri style wakazashi looks more koto then Shinshinto but was attributed to a later generation of Tsunahiro. In a fresh polish and submited to the NBTHK it may very well be attributed to a koto era Stunahiro.  It comes mounted in an older shirasaya with sayagaki. The sword is O-suriage and still retains a soshu kanji at the bottom. It is classic Soshu with horimono of a dragon entwined around a ken engraved.

The sword is classic Soshu with an undulating notare with ko-gunome. There is much activity seen in the hamon. The kitae is of mokume with masame. There are remnants of a bonji character on one side as well. This looks like a much older sword than it was attributed to but we are not a shinsa. A beautiful old sword to maybe restore and enjoy for years to come.


DEN GÔDAI (Later Generation) TSUNAHIRO

March 10, 2012

No. 1,642

Mei inscription: So (The rest is cut off)
Length: 1 shaku 3 sun 1 bu
Kitae: Mokume and masame nagare
Hamon: Notare and ko-gonome
Bôshi: Sugu(ba), saki hakkake
Horimono: Omote – kurikara, Ura – slight amount of bonji remaining
Nakago: Two mekugi ana, yasurime is katte sagari
Remarks: Sagami no Kuni, around Bunka (1804-1818)

  • Mei: SO -then cut and missing rest of signature
  • Date: papers attribute it to 1800’s
  • Nagasa: 15 5/8 “
  • Sori: 9.0mm
  • Width at the ha-machi: 32.2mm
  • Thickness at the mune-machi: 6.0mm
  • Construction: iori
  • Mune: hira zukuri
  • Nakago: suriage
  • Kitae: masame/mokume
  • Hamon: notare/gunome
  • Boshi: maru
  • Condition: older polish
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