Burmese Chinese Dah (nji-107)

Overall length in scabbard: 35 ”

This is very fine 19th century Dah with incredible inlay work and the fittings are silver. The fact that this unique item is in such good shape and comes with its original scabbard makes this a great collectable Dah

  • Mei: Text here
  • Date: Text here
  • Nagasa: Text here
  • Sori: Text here
  • Width at the ha-machi: Text here
  • Width at the yokote: Text here
  • Thickness at the mune-machi: Text here
  • Construction: Text here
  • Mune: Text here
  • Nakago: Text here
  • Kitae: Text here
  • Hamon: Text here
  • Boshi: Text here
  • Condition: Text here
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nji107(blade full)
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nji-107(blade details large)
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nji-107(mounts full)
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