This is a very good quality Echizen no Kuni Shimosaka tanto.  It comes with NBTHK Kanteisho attesting to the signature and quality.  This tanto is in polished condition. The hamon is notare midare and is well made.  The hada is mokume-hada mixed with masame-hada.  The tanto has bohi hori or carving and has gold foil two part habaki.  This sword was made during the shinto era (1600’s).  

The Echizen seki school:

Many swordsmiths moved to the Echizen province from Seki, in the Mino province. They were very active during the years 1658 through 1680.  Their work reflects the Shinto token tradition that was in fashion at the time as well as the Mino tradition. These smiths included Kanetane, Kanenori, Kanetaka, Tsuguhiro, Hirotaka, Yoshitane, and Kanenori.


  • Mei: Mumei
  • Date: Edo (1600’s)
  • Nagasa: 12-1/2 inches
  • Sori: 1.5 mm
  • Width at the ha-machi: 27.3 mm
  • Thickness at the mune-machi: 6.2 mm
  • Construction: Hira-zukuri
  • Mune: Iori
  • Nakago: Ubu
  • Kitae: mokume/masame
  • Hamon: Midare Gunome
  • Boshi: Maru
  • Condition: Good polish

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Wakizashi, signed: Echizen no Kuni Shimosaka (越前国下坂) ‒ “Shimosaka from Echizen province”

nagasa ~ 31.6 cm

According to the result of the shinsa committee of our society, we judge this work as authentic and rank it as Hozon Tōken.

May 30, 2017
[Foundation] Nihon Bijutsu Tōken Hozon Kyōkai, NBTHK (日本美術刀劍保存協會)

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